Long Time, No Write

It's hard to get to this blog when I'm writing in that 750 words thing every day (have done 165 days in a row so far). But then I look at the blog and feel so sad that it's neglected. So, maybe what I can do is to use the first part of my writing every morning to come up with something more general to say that I can cross post here.

Right now, I'm reading Carol Shields' novel,  Unless, and really, not all that much happens in it from chapter to chapter, UNLESS you count that each scene shows this 44 year old mother trying to get on with her life after her daughter has taken to sitting on the street corner with a street sign reading, "Goodness" on it. I kind of don't like how the character keeps referring to her age, how she's in the first part of being middle-aged. That reminds me that I'm middle aged, but I don't feel like that.

Also read a piece in the New Yorker that was really just this writer's diary from her time in Madrid when she was waiting for some money to come and just taking notes on the life around her. That reminded me that I really need to take notes more often.

Like, every morning when I'm on the subway, instead of playing computer games or reading a magazine, I should be paying attention to what's going on around me, because it's all possible material. Padhraig also sent me a link to this Twitter feed of a woman eavesdropping on a nearby argument.

And here is Ernesto's face.