Happy Monday

Going to be another hot day and then hotter tomorrow and hotter still on Wednesday. And yet many proclaim it has nothing to do with scientifically proven global warming trends.

Couldn't figure out what to wear this morning-bought this cute skirt from Jane (a consignment shop in Princeton), but it's like floor length polyester blend and makes me look like I'm about to descend on a prairie. I could get away with it on a cooler day, but not when it's going to be sweltering.  Don't feel like writing any fiction this morning, am not inspired, but will try anyway. I can write a bunch of sentences in a row just to get it over with, but that feels almost like cheating--like I should have a better plan in mind for the arc of whatever story I'm working on (three now--the virgin story, the feral cats story, and the extension of the donation story). All of them are scattered throughout the online journal, so if I ever do decide to go back and fix them up, I'm going to have to do some cutting and pasting and rearranging. Okay, stop making excuses and write. I think today, I'm interested in the virgin story.

Here's my mom, who has lost a lot of weight and is really the cutest mom I know: