What I Wrote in 750 words Today

This weekend, I will consider looking up a bunch of free writing exercises, maybe even ones that have to do with writing a novel. I need some direction and path in these morning writing sessions, because I feel like I'm mostly just doing them to get the words done, though I did actually go back to an entry this week to write the script for the animation.

Had this crazy vivid dream last night of trying to find Dan's house and getting lost but going past this house that had these super giant cats--like Maine Coone cats, but they were larger than leopards and when I looked in the window, I could see that there were many, many of these animals except that then, they turned into dogs, and one dog was blind, but his blind eyes were huge and had swirls of amber and gold whirling around in them, like a dog who might try to hypnotize you. I think this is because I've been hearing about this blind Chinese dissident who escaped political captivity by jumping over a wall.

Also had a dream that Suri Cruise, off-spring of the faux couple, Katie and Tom, had her own reality show, but her parents were never seen on the show, because they didn't want to tarnish their reputation by being associated with such low TV programming. This comes from watching a bit of the horrible Bill and Guiliani show (or whatever it's called); the one where the woman is this tiny, insect like alien creature with a giant head and third-world country eyes that say, Feed me! and we get to watch people suck up to her and say sycophantic things like, You look so amazing in that size negative 5 dress. And, You're going to have such a wonderful life, I see your future as being lighter and she says back in this fakey, I believe you, because why would you bullshit me about how great I am voice, Awwww!! Thanks, you're so sweet!

Novel ideas:
Story about a woman who keeps going through these cycles where she's like growing her hair out and then getting it cut really short and how each time, she imagines her life will be better as long as she can figure out the proper length. An historical murder mystery novel where I have to do tons of research to find out if fountain pens have been invented or not yet. A coming of age novel set in the 1970s and 80s with many references to Dorothy Hamill and Star Wars. Novel about the cut-throat world of community theater.

Short, heart-breaking novel about someone dying young and the narrator realizing how precious life is and maybe finally deciding to join the Peace Corps against her family's wishes.

Story about a girl and her cat and how they travel across the country together and then finally the cat makes a sign about where she should settle down and who she should marry and then the girl puts the cat to sleep because she has server her purpose.

A modern day retelling of Frankenstein, except the genders are switched and it's a comedy, but also a social commentary on the way we judge others by their looks alone. It would also tackle the issue of bullying, as the female monster creation is about 15 years old and has to go to the local high school. She breaks people's fingers, but only because they've been throwing spitballs at her on the bus and writing profanity on her locker.

Romantic comedy novel that's written just to get a movie contract--the writing's not very good and it's formuliac, but you can just see so and so playing the lead female role and Ryan Gosling as the guy. It's about a guy and a girl who have been best friends since they were kids--like their families were friends and then went camping together and they talked to each other every night via walk-talkies, but then her parents get divorced, and there's this scene in the movie/book where they have to say good bye together on the driveway and he gives her like his lucky amulet that he saved up for with all of these cereal box tops and they have some special hand signal that she does as she's pulling away in the back of the Buick window. Flash forward ten years later, and she's a harried ad executive in Manhattan with an asshole boyfriend and they end up passing each other on the street and like she sees him on the subway and kind of notices him all the time, but they don't recognize each other until one day they do...blah, blah, blah, she still wears the amulet all the time and then they either get together at the very last second with this kiss where he puts his hands on her face, or, if it's written by Nicholas Sparks, one of them dies tragically. You decide. There may be two endings or three, like a Choose Your Own Adventure book.