Noises I Don't Like

I realize that I am sometimes an irritable person. I have certain peeves that make me crazy--and most of them have to do with mouth noises. The other day in my art history class, I just saw a girl chewing gum with her mouth open, and I felt irritated. I couldn't even hear her chewing; just the suggestion of audible chewing made my skin crawl. And she chewed the gum for the entire class (2 hours). I can only chew gum for like 3 minutes before I lose interest and have to spit it out, so it's hard for me to understand someone who has that kind of stamina. I also don't like the sound of teeth on fork tines (Dan knows this b/c I had to tell him to stop doing it), or the sound of open mouth food chewing in general (Luke does this b/c he's young and b/c he almost always has a stuffed up nose). Or the sound of someone talking on her cell phone right next to me on the subway. Or the sound of someone hocking up a loogie, followed by the sound of him spitting it on the sidewalk. Why do guys think this is okay? And it's always guys--you're probably never going to see a woman walking down the street who suddenly projects a chunk of snot from her mouth.

By the way, if you click on the picture, you can see many more chewing gum sculptures. That is my present to you today.