Friday Photos + Paul Scholes

I've been meaning to put up these photos, particularly since V-Day has passed and many of the windows in South Philly have begun to change over to the next great holiday, St. Patty's Day. I don't have any of those yet, but I do have some gnomes.

And a wretched little calico caught behind a torn screen.

Here you go. This is love.

And hearts growing in a flower box, fertilized, I guess by love.

I admire the lack of symmetry here but don't much care for the stuffed hearts with faces on them.

A celebration of hearts.

Okay, and this is Piper, Padhraig and Carrie's cat, in their window. He looks very noble.

Here is his butt and an action shot of Paul Scholes preparing to leap up to the window.

Isn't he a pretty boy?