The Hired Help

Ethnics delivered this beautiful, grown-up furniture for free on Tuesday. The store is sadly going out of business and consequently, most of their items are 40%I haven't had a chance to take pictures of it in the home, but this is the table top--made of teak from old bridges.

And the chairs--I bought four because, you know, of all the entertaining I do.

This is the Siddhartra statute that Jenn Bing purchased.

Lovely coffee table constructed from old railroad cars.

And this is sort of what the table and chairs look like.

So, the house-cleaning lady came for the first time yesterday while I was at work. I could tell that she'd been there even before I got into the house, because the smell of cleaning fluid was wafting from the rooms. She organized one of my bookshelves by setting up all of the photo frames and cleaned the coffee pot really well and swept the basement and fanned the magazines out on the coffee table. Totally, totally, totally worth it.I am becoming a snob. Soon, I will become Republican.


Jenn Bing said…
PLEASE don't become a repub, that is all i ask. Good for you on the MAID! She sounds great!

P.S. I feel famous, you mentioned my Sidd...