Cat Frippery

Both Lisa Marie and John were kind enough to come over this past Sunday and remodel some things in the house. John cute a giant hole in the basement door (to accommodate the giant Henri) and he also hung the mirror in my bedroom that I bought at Circle Thrift for $20. Lisa Marie and I worked for about 5 or so hours on the brand new, redecorated, restyled, and re-carpeted kitty palace. It is resplendent.

First, the cat door. I wanted to put this on so that I could keep the basement door shut, since that's where the litter box is and I don't want the smell wafting up into the kitchen. But I haven't yet put the flap on it b/c I'm not sure they're smart enough to go through it. Well, I know Ernesto is, but not so sure about the other two.

This is a view of the living room with the new coffee table. Still no sofa.

And the new table and chairs all set up. I haven't hung any pictures b/c I'm scared to mess up the walls. Liz and Luke are coming for a visit this weekend, so I'm sure they will help me through it.

Ta-DA! That's fat Emma Carol getting ready to jump off the top level.

And the two of them. This version is at least a foot lower than the first one. We took out an entire story and it's still huge.

And Ernesto, alone. Please note the sad little red mouse toy on the carpet, brought there, I suppose, as an offering to the goddesses who made this lovely perch.