These Philadelphia Folks Are So Nice!

You would think I was from small town in the Midwest (well, I am), the way that I behave sometimes in this city--as though everyone is looking out for me and has not intention of bad vibes. For instance, I decided while at Rocket Cat this morning (took today off as a personal day), that I had to go to Circle Thrift next door. But I had a problem--I wanted to return to the coffee shop afterwards but didn't have enough money to buy yet another coffee. The solution? Leave my laptop and jacket on the table and trust that these nice city people won't steal anything of mine. I did a bit of speed shopping at CT (which is quite difficult with everything I must look at, try on, touch, contemplate). I came back here about 35 minutes later--laptop still in place. Still, I don't think it's the best idea to expect the employees/patrons of the coffee shop to watch my stuff. A similar event occurred on Tuesday when I went out with Kelly and Amanda. Since the new stupid smoking ban in Philadelphia, you have to smoke outside. All three of us are smokers, and so we tottered out the door, leaving our drinks and asking the guy in the next booth to watch them to make sure, as Amanda said, "That no one spikes them with roofies. The guy rolled his eyes and sarcastically said, Oh, yeah, sure no problem. I watched our table through the window. No one approached and none of us left drugged.