My new baby

Here is my new baby Owen Matthew. I know I didn't tell anyone that I was with child, but here he is. Or at least he will be mine as soon as I can get it together to drive to State College and steal him away from Julie and Danny. I swear in this picture of Owen that I can see Julie's expression. This is the look she will give you if you suggest that we could skip yogilates just this once. This other picture shows Julie and Owen and Danny. Doesn't Julie look like she was just in labor for the last six hours? Like, ten years ago? I mentioned how she barely looks like she exerted herself at all and she said, Well, this was after I had a shower. Clearly.

Okay, and then there is the baby, Lina, and LWhiz. I would very much like to marry LWhiz after seeing this picture, but alas, he has gone to Israel to write a screenplay with his stupid girlfriend who is very beautiful and smart actually. Look at Lina. Just look at her. Don't look at the baby! Walk Lina! Lina needs a walk and a treat!