Support Our "Support Our" Car Magnets

The magnetic ribbon thing has gotten out of control. Driving to D.C., we found ourselves behind a truck with a "Support Our Firemen" ribbon on the back. Yes, because everyone knows how divided the world is on the subject of firemen and how firemen are treated like second-class citizens in our society, right up there with elementary school janitors and garbage collectors. I realize that the firemen magnet was probably part of a local fund-raiser or other to buy a dalmatian for the fire dept., but it is irritating how so many people buy one magnetic car ribbon (or two. If you already have a yellow "Support Our Troops" ribbon on your car, you're 75% more likely to also sport the "Support America" magnet) and think they're taking a much needed political stance. The $1 or whatever you spent at Walmart on a magnet ribbon to tack above the bumper of your SUV does not mean you support the troops . It means you spent $1 (that goes nowhere near the troops) because you saw that your neighbor had one and a bunch of people at church had them and you wanted to belong to the Go America club without actually having to do anything.


Anonymous said…
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rona said…
Thank you for awakening the collective consciousness of America to the need to preserve our national spread. George Washington Carver and i both support your struggle. Um.. okay, so he's dead, but he would support it if he was alive, i think.
Anonymous said…
Goddamn, Aimee! If not for your blog I'd never have learned about the Golden GOLD fun site! Many thanks!

Portland, OR