Other things to remember from childhood according the Lynda Barry:

Doing projects on the planets with Saturn being the hardest planet to draw.

Christmas pageants after hours at school and how totally different school seemed at nighttime.

Making clay vases in art class that tipped over under their own weight.

Book reports done the night before and trying to make the illustrations really large to take up extra space.

Playing Ghosts in the Graveyard in the dark in someone's yard.

Slumber parties.

Making long fingernails out of Scotch tape.

Candy cigarettes (do they even still make those)?

Spelling bees.

Getting in trouble at school and feeling like it's going to go on your permanent record for the rest of your life: "Frankly, we'd hire you in a second if it weren't for that nasty business about your behavior at a certain spelling bee."

Drawing princesses and trying to find ways to avoid drawing the hands and feet like perhaps having the hands clasped behind the back and the feet hidden by a giant hoop skirt.

Making dioramas out of old Payless shoe boxes.

Trying to make friends with the mean dog in the neighborhood.

Parades where the paraders throw bad candy at you, but you still feel bad if you don't get any.

Drawing pictures for the boy you like or getting pictures from the boy you like (for example, in third grade, Rawl Brown, he of the freckled nose and Tennessee accent, drew me an entire set of the members of Kiss. My favorite, of course, was Peter Chris, who wore cat make up).