Girls Makes Me Feel Funny Inside

I have free HBO until the end of May b/c my cable provider wants me to get hooked on it and then spend another $50 to have access to movies like Thor and 50 First Dates until the end of time, even though I'm already doling out like $100 to have what amounts to just two signals directed toward my house and then another $100 to access a phone. So, thanks, Company, for this free bonus. I mostly forget that I have it, because with taking two classes this semester and going to shows and things for the one class, I don't spend a lot of time on the couch, and then there's the thing where I'm getting old and now go to bed around 10 PM to read. Boring! But I have managed to catch a few episodes of Girls, the controversial (is it?) show written by Lena Dunham. 
I watched just one episode last night and it was like a horror movie in so many ways. Like, there were two parts where I had to actually shield my eyes from the screen--I couldn't take the painfulness of the scenes. This particular show was about leaving New York City for the weekend to visit her mom and dad in Michigan; what was difficult about it? It was difficult to watch her talk to herself in the mirror before a party, as she tried on an awkward and ill-fitting dress that was meant to be ironic but really just looked too small and clownish. She's giving herself a pep talk because she's nervous about a date she has with the pharmacist, a cute young guy from her high school: "Don't worry about saying anything dumb. You're from New York. The dumbest thing you say will be ten times more interesting than the smartest thing anyone from her says."  Oh, dear, I still often have that same type of inner monologue myself.Then she goes to the party and ends up having sex with this cute and small townish pharmacist, but does these weird things that I won't mention because my mom reads my blog, and then she goes home and finds her naked dad sprawled on the bathroom floor. He's fallen out of the shower after trying to have sex with his wife (Hannah's mom) in celebration of their anniversary. It's painful, but I was also glad to see they showed his actual penis. Sorry, mother, but honestly, it was refreshing. And horrible. 
Mostly, this show bothers me because it triggers all of these memories I have from being twenty and living in Chicago and basically having no money and dating (?) all of these f-ed up guys who weren't really in to me and who, if I'd thought about it for two seconds, I didn't like that much either.