Election Day

I dreamed last night that I met President Obama. I waited in line with a bunch of people to have my picture taken with him. I realized that I hadn't planned what to say and was struck speechless. The President said that I should probably comb my hair for the photo--it was flying every which way, as if expressing my anxiety. The hairdresser person brushed my hair and I believe the President side-hugged me while the flash bulb went off. The dream comes from a combination of seeing the line of people waiting to get into the Palestra yesterday to hear Bill Clinton speak, this photo I saw of the President hugging a crying lady after Hurricane Sandy, and my own fears about how the election will turn out today--based mostly on the constant barrage of news stories putting the two candidates neck and neck. I feel skeptical about this representation---is the race really that close? Is it possible that so many Americans could want to turn back the clock on change and progress by electing a man who essentially seems to be running for King rather than president? That's how I feel about Romney--that he's interested in recreating a ruling class of rich elites who tell everyone else what to do while they watch from a safe distance from the castle and drink mead and ignore the problems of 99% of the population who aren't in their tax bracket.

I think Obama's going to win again. I hope, hope, hope. 

Ernesto and Emma Carol feel the same way.