Writing Every Day

A woman from this class that I teach told us about this site she uses called 750words. com. It's sort of like a blog that you sign up for and then you get an email prompting you to write each day. You can sign up for challenges--like to write every day for a month, and then, the email you get tells you how many people on that particular day are still in the running. It's satisfying to see that many, many, many people drop out. I'm competitive and want always to be the superstar, so I'm motivated to keep writing in this way.

You also give yourself rewards for if you finish the challenge, and then something you'll do if you don't finish the challenge. For this month, I said I would donate to the site if I didn't finish. If I take next month's long, long challenge, I'm going to have to set the stakes a little higher--like saying I'll give money to the NRA or some Christian right wing group, because I don't know how else I'll manage it.

I had a dream last night that someone asked me about my writing process and I told them that I wrote every day for twenty minutes. It's true at least for this month, but is that how writer's with full time jobs get their work done? I guess it's how I get it done at least in part. It' really feels like it's the daily attention to it that matters.

And now, two cats.