I didn't have much time to take photos of windows this past Christmas, but here is one I captured. It looks like one of those roadside memorials--you know, the place where a car or bike accident happened and someone died. Here, it appears as if perhaps Santa was run over right outside of this house.

Last weekend, Dan and I decided to be nice to ourselves and stay at a bed and breakfast in Lambertville. However, when we got to the B&B, we found it was run by a crazy old lady and her creepy son. For $155 a night, you might expect a luxurious room with a jacuzzi. This place had a TV the size of a shoebox, a plastic stand up shower, and kitschy decorations. The room was tiny, the wallpapers bubbly and water-stained, and the decors was tacky and gross. My biggest fear was that the son had privately drilled holes all over the place and would be watching us as we changed our clothes, took showers, and slept. We left, but not before having a terrible altercation with the strange owner--this older woman with button brown eyes, who refused to give us a refund. She and I got into it, and she finally left and then shouted at us from behind the closed door, You're insulting my home! I'm still waiting to see if we can get a refund. She charged us $204 to be in her house for approximately 5 minutes.

We went back to Dan's house, but then returned to Lambertville the next day so that it would kind of not seem like a lost weekend. Lambertville has lots of antique stores and below, you will find an example of some of the art available, not unlike the art in the B&B we fled:

Why? And I think the picture cost something like $300. We didn't love the town. Had lunch at the Blue Moon Cafe and the waitress hated us because there was a misunderstanding with the soup. Went into a store for dogs and the owner warned me not to pet her Yorkie. Some of the townspeople were nice, but overall, it felt like a town that resents the traffic of tourists it needs to not be a total slum.

It snowed last night, spoiling Emma Carol's desire to roll on the back patio.

I had this impulse to go ahead and throw her out there just to see what she would do. I resisted. If you look to just outside of the door, you'll see the indent in the snow of when she stepped out and broke through.

Could not adequately explain to her why her life is so hard.


PinkPanthress said…
204$? Some people are crazy I tell you! :(