Christmas Bob + Writing Prize

My friend Janell is also into the humiliation of pets for personal gain. Here is the evidence:

I also got some good news today. I won first prize in Zoetrope's all -story contest, which means some money for me and possibly action from literary agents. My story as chosen from 2,200 entries, so I feel good about that. It's a story I wrote last year in one of my Penn MLA classes.

As with anything, I only allow myself to get excited for about 35 seconds, and then, I'm usually like, Well, but that's in the past. What's next? But maybe I'll try to enjoy this for a little while. The other thing it does is remind me that I really need to be sending my work out. Not to sound like a jerk, but I usually get a fairly positive response from my fiction. For this particular story, I even received a nice rejection from Tin House earlier this fall. So, you never know--what one journal might reject, another might really like.

It also makes me self-conscious about my blog, because people I don't know (other writers, in particular) could now be coming to it and noticing that my content is a little on the light side (read: cats and subway photos). I could write more about writing. Maybe that's a promise I'll make now. That I will try to do one post a week about writing stuff.


Emily said…
I love the hand holding Bob's head up - too cute!