Listen Up

I don't always hear or see interesting things in the city. I mean, I eavesdrop when I can, but much of what I hear is irritating cell phone conversations. I did listen to a long and involved conversation between a mother and her son about how disgusting the trolley smelled (to be fair, it did have a baby diaper smell to it). The raggedy-looking homeless guy in front of them turned around and said to them, "Thank God you smell it too. I thought it was me." The mom then used the stink as a teaching moment, to tell explain to her son that some people might ahve medical conditions and be unable to help themselves from uncontrollable smells and noises. "Be glad for the grace of God, it's not you." The more they talked about it, the worse the place smelled.

This morning, I heard an Italian looking guy talking on his cell phone and going, "How 'bout I pop over for a minute. Have a cup of coffee." That sounded like a good morning to me.

Then Dan told me about a conversation her heard between a guy and a girl. The guy said, "Would you want to go with me to this concert on Saturday?" And the girl immediately came up with, "Oh, I can't! I might be running a half-marathon the next day." Good one! Does anybody decide whether they're going to run 13 miles the day of the race? Maybe.